Incentive Information

Federal Solar Tax Credit
  • 30% of installed costs of solar energy systems
  • No CAP(limit) on size of credit
  • Applies to certified systems only
West Virginia Solar Tax Credit
  • 30% of installed costs of solar-thermal and solar-electric systems
  • CAP is $2,000
  • Applies to certified systems only
Federal Energy Efficiency Tax Credit
  • 30% of installed costs for geothermal heat pumps
  • Up to $1500 for biomass stoves and boilers
  • Applies to qualifying systems per US Energy Star Guidelines
Utility Bills Offset
  • Offset 10% -100% of your monthly energy bills
  • Value of the offset increases whenever utility rates and taxes increase
  • Recurring benefit for the life of the system
Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SREC)
  • Helps to quickly recover capital investment
  • Provides an incentive to small producers vs sending utility environmental fines into government general funds
  • Significant recurring benefit for the next 8-10 years
Increased Property Values, Resale Value
  • Appraisals and banks will take note of energy systems in the near future and provide better mortgage terms
  • Educated buyers will seek out properties with lower utility expenses
Lower Environmental Impact
  • Same lifestyle, less carbon footprint
  • Long term investment for generations of return
Harnessing the Power of Mother Nature is Just Plain COOL!!